What is computer language ?

As we know, language is nothing but a way of communication between two things in order to understand in each other. For instant English or Somali languages are techniques or tools communicated by their native people in the help of speaking. Same as that computer has its own language, which can be interacted with. In the machine, language is used to write the program to communicate with the computer.

Types of languages:

We have three types of languages, these are:

  • Low level language
  • Middle level language
  • High level language

Now we will see the differences between these three languages in order to understand their functionality.

Middle Level Language
Is designed using some special words known as mnemonic and when we compared it to low level language, machine level is easy to understand. This is the only language that is directly understood by the computer.  It does not need any translator programme. This kind of languages is called assembly language.

Low Level Languages
The low-level language (LLL) is designed using zeros (0) and ones (1), hence they are critical to understand. Instructions given to the computer in 0’s and 1’s is known as binary language or machine language. Then programmers found writing code in binary language seems to be , then they used an English like words to write a program in order to understand and become easy and simple to code.

High level Language
These are designed using simple English like words. Because of this, they are very easy to understand. These are machine independent languages so they need to translator into machine level language.

In order to convert HLL to LLL we have 3 types of translator, which are:

  • Compiler
  • Interpreter
  • Assembler

It converts the entire source code into object code (machine code) at once. Compilers are used to convert HLL into Machine code format.

It converts source code into object code in line-by-line format. It also used to convert HLL into understandable machine code.

It is used to convert assembly level language (low level) into machine level language.

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